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Complete wood sawdust pellet machine line / wood pellet line
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Pelletizing Process of Rice Straw Wood pellets are produced by compressing the biomass material which is first grinded to provide a uniform dough-like mass. Then the mass is fed to a pelletizing chamber and formed pellets through a die with holes of the required size. The high pressure of the press makes the temperature of the wood increase greatly and the lignin slightly forms a natural "glue" which is a substance that holds the pellet together. The size of pellets is generally kept to be about 6mm diameter and 25mm length in the form of a cylinder. Of course, we can customize dies with different die holes. Rice Straw Pellet Mill Features 1. The pellet mill is made of wear-resistant material thus having a long service life. 2. Ready-to-get raw materiasl like paddy straw, sunflower stalk, forestry wastes, wood chips, and many other wastes or solid powder material. 3. Able to change new die and rollers fast and conveniently. 4. Small and light weight which make it widely used in home,small farm,and light industrial. 5.Visibility of the material during pelleting is the best way to fix problems timely. 6. Environmental friendly; energy-saving and low noise. Complete Pellet production line process: (a) Peeling Process Wood debarker machine is applicable to peel the log of MDF board and papermaking industry, it is mainly used to peel log, small wood and so on, the peeled rate is more than 95 percent. (b)Chipping Process In the pellet plant before raw materials are made into biomass pellets, they are first reduced into much smaller, uniformly-sized particles. When the thicknedd is larger than 10mm or the size is greater than 50*50mm, a chippper is needed to chip these materials into smaller pieces. (c)Grinding Process The hammer mill is used to further crush these small pieces into particles of less than 3mm in diameter. (d)Drying Process After raw materials are crushed a dryer is needed since most raw wood materials have a moisture content of about 50%. However, the optimal moisture content for pelletiztion is 13%-15%. Therefore a rotary dryer is included in the pellet plant to reduce the moisture content. After crushing and drying you can begin making wood pellets. (e)Pelletizing Process After crushing and drying the raw material properly it is then ready for the pellet mill. The pelletizing machine or press is the key piece of machinery in the pellet plant. It should be mentioned that impurities in the raw materials like metal or stone,may damage the die and rollers of pellet making machine. (f)Cooling Process Usually after pelletizing, the temperature of pellets is between 60-80 degrees and the moisture content is close to 15%. For storage purpose, a cooler must be used to reduce their surface temperature and moisture content. (g)Packing Process Finally is the packing process. In order to protect the wood pellets becoming getting damp and to increase storability, proper packing is necessary.
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